Camp at Amba Ghat

Camping with your buddies, is always something awesome! Because it it that point of time when your exams are over and it is only time for fun with your buddies.

I visited a camp to Amba ghat with Insearch Outdoors. Amba ghat is a scenic mountain area with lush green beauty on the Western side of India. From Pune it is almost 234km. Travelling with Insearch Outdoors is always fun because all Tais and Dadas ensure that we are enjoying and the most important, our safety. This camp was a fabulous experience itself.

We departed from Pune at 6 AM. Everyone was in an excited and Jolly mood.We had Makarand Dada, Omkar Dada, Mehul Dada, Atharva Dada and Sanika tai. In bus we had a lot of fun dancing. Our first halt was a hotel Vegas, where we had our breakfast. When we reached our resort, everyone was happy. We lodged our bags in the reception and had some refreshing Kokam serbet. Makarand Dada then gave us a small introduction about the surrounding and the people who were going  to help us and then rooms were allotted. The swimming pool was in front of our room. We had a quick lunch and then we were into the pool. Boys had a different pool and girls were in a different one. Then we had a visit to the sunset point which was just 2-3 kms away from the resort. We had to trek! it was a proper forest with 100+ species of trees. We were instructed to be quiet and stay calmto spot an animal. Everyone was surprisingly silent! I was shocked, while observing this silence. When we reached everyone gave a sigh of relief, was a small stretch to cover. The view was fabulously amazing. All of my buddies were taking pictures, making memories! The sunset view was the best. Watching the sun set down slowly with pin drop silence was just like way! then the most adventurous part. Now there was no light as the sun had set, the only light was the moon. And there we go walking in  pitch dark night. We inally reached our buses which was like whoa! Then we reached our resort, had dinner. And guess what’s next? We had a dance party!! We danced on a number of songs. This was the end of Day 1.

Day 2

Me, Bhairavi and Shravani woke up at 6 AM but Maitreyi and Riya woke up at 6.30. We were not supposed to take bath as we were going to visit the beach in the evening. So we just had a face wash and changed clothes. We then had breakfast. After having breakfast we headed to Pawan Khind – Place where Bajiprabhu Deshpande fought and laid down his life for Shivaji Maharaj. So we boarded our bus and set out to Pawan Khind. Once we reached there we saw a person selling lemonade, Cucumber and Kokam Serbet. We then started our trek. It was a difficult stretch. Slowly we reached Pawan Khind. We stopped there and Dada told us the story of it. Then Dada took us down to another spot. The path to that spot was very difficult and everyone was scared. But no worries everyone crossed it well. When we reached we saw a small pond there. We stopped there for something to observe the beauty. Finally we reached where our buses were parked. We went to the resort and had lunch. Then we enjoyed swimming in the pool. Then we played in the park. Since we had nothing to do, we watched TV and ate fritters. We were then called in the hall to play games. then we had dinner. Again we watched TV. End of day 2.

Day 3. This was the best day. We went to the beach.The beach ‘Are waah re’ beach. We enjoyed there a lot by jumping on the tides. We then had lunch and departed to Pune. Everyone when they met their parents started to rewind the whole story!! Then our parents met Dadas to thank them for organizing and managing the trip so fabulously!

Last but not least, special thanks to Srushti tai for all the pre departure instructions and enrollment formalities. Three chees for Insearch Outdoors… Hip Hip Hurray!

-Ira Patil

April 2019.

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